Goodrich School:

  • Has educational filtered secure broadband connectivity through the LGfL and so connects to the ‘private’ National Education Network; 
  • Uses the LGfL filtering system which blocks sites that fall into categories such as pornography, race hatred, gaming, sites of an illegal nature, etc.  All changes to the filtering policy is logged and only available to staff with the approved ‘web filtering management’ status;
  • Uses USO user-level filtering where relevant, thereby closing down or opening up options appropriate to the age / stage of the students;
  • Ensures network health through use of Sophos anti-virus software (from LGfL)  etc and network set-up so staff and pupils cannot download executable files;
  • Blocks all Chat rooms and social networking sites except those that are part of an educational network or approved Learning Platform;
  • Only uses approved or checked webcam sites;
  • Has blocked pupil access to music download or shopping sites – except those approved for educational purposes at a regional or national level, such as Audio Network;
  • Uses security time-outs on Internet access where practicable / useful;
  • Provides highly restricted (Safe mail) / simulated environments for e-mail with Key Stage 1 pupils; Uses Londonmail with students as this has email content control and the address does not identify the student or school;
  • Provides staff with an email account for their professional use, London Staffmail / LA email and makes clear personal email should be through a separate account;
  • Uses teacher ‘remote’ management control tools for controlling workstations / viewing users / setting-up applications and Internet web sites, where useful;
  • Has additional local network auditing software installed;

Goodrich works in partnership with the LGfL to ensure any concerns about the system are communicated so that systems remain robust and to protect students.



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