The Headteacher and staff work closely to help guide and develop Goodrich pupils as they grow and learn. We will continue our strong emphasis on quality pastoral support through the use of clear rewards, sanctions and boundaries. We manage behaviour and emotional support through Sunshine Corner (our Pupil Development Centre) and staff training. In the classroom our teachers, Teaching Assistants and Learning Support Assistants work alongside Learning mentors from Sunshine Corner to ensure that behaviour does not become a barrier to learning.

Goodrich staff and Governors strive to be fair. We work collaboratively and constructively with the children to ensure they understand the expectations we have for them in terms of their behaviour and conduct in school.

This is based on a commitment to spend time ensuring the children are given clear boundaries, encouraged to reflect on and learn about how their behaviour affects others and to support them in developing empathy with those around them. We create an atmosphere of calm purposefulness in which the development of respectful relationships is a priority.

We will communicate clearly and honestly with parents and carers about important issues or the behaviour of the children. We will always strive to work in partnership in support of each Goodrich child.

Our full Behaviour Policy is available to read here.


Sunshine Corner Team

Vanessa Mincher

Vanessa joined Goodrich in 2001 as an LSA. In 2007, Southwark pioneered the Pupil Development Centre (PDC) scheme in primary schools and she was given the opportunity to be part of the Goodrich initiative. She worked as a learning mentor in our PDC for four years then took over as Lead Learning Mentor and PDC Co-ordinator in January 2012. As well as class support and pastoral intervention work, Vanessa manages school projects such as Anti-Bullying Week, Junior Road Safety and the Playground Buddy Scheme.

Dominique Stead

Dominique started working at Goodrich in January 2010 as a Teaching Assistant with a Reception class. In November 2011 she joined Sunshine Corner as a full-time Learning Mentor. Dominique teaches one-to-one and small groups, as well as helping children to engage with their learning as part of their class. Her qualification was gained while working in the Early Years, where she has over 15 years of experience. Since returning from maternity leave in 2014, she has been working at Goodrich part time.

Esme Ford

Esme joined Goodrich in 2012 as an LSA. In January 2013 she started work as part of the PDC Team as a Learning Mentor. Working with children across the school, Esme offers a range of support including working one-to-one as well as leading Circles of Friends, peer mentoring groups, lunchtime projects and anger management programmes. She has recently obtained her Learning Development Support Services Diploma, Learning Mentor Pathway
(Level 5). 

Anita Humphreys

Anita joined the learning mentor team in September 2014. She works with children across the school, offering one-to-one support in class and running small anger management and social communication groups. In addition to this, she offers daily lunchtime support and runs a training programme for lunchtime play supporters in Years 5 and 6. Anita started working in primary education in Lambeth in 1998, becoming a learning mentor working with children with behavioural problems and their families. She then went to work in Bromley, supporting children with ASD, managing an after school club and gaining her qualifications.