Children's representative

Hello, my name is Stella, I’m in the school council and I am in Year 6.

I am so excited about secondary school; but I will miss Goodrich. I love Goodrich, it’s a great school and the teachers really care about our work.

At Goodrich we have a whole range of subjects, the obvious ones like Maths and English; but we also have lessons like History, Geography, Art, Science and RE. Goodrich has great PE sessions with an expert teacher. There is a massive PE shed full of equipment which is very helpful too.

We have lots of fun at annual events such as Goodrich Rocks, The Summer Show and the Christmas Fair and nativity. Pupils can enjoy school trips too. Some are just for a day but in Years 3, 5 and 6 there are trips in which you stay the night.

I have been coming here since I was 3 and Goodrich feels like a 2nd home to me, like it’s mine. Here we are never afraid to be ourselves.

When I leave I will be sad because there are people here I have known for years. But that’s okay, because I can spread my wings and try new challenges and that’s what Goodrich has taught me.




Educational Journeys

Goodrich offers a rich curriculum with outdoor learning making up a significant part of this. As well as Forest schools we offer educational trips to all children, ranging from class trips to London museums, to the Early Years visits to the Farm, or the end of year 6 trip to the beach, paid for by our wonderful parents organisation, Friends of Goodrich (FOG).

In addition, we offer a wide range of residential experiences including a week at Arethusa Venture Centre on the River Medway in year 3, a week on the Nethercott Farm in Devon for year 5, a sailing week with outdoor pursuits on the Isle of Wight for years 5/6, and in recent years some children have been able to visit China

We believe these to be important experiences for every child and bursaries are available to help with the costs so every child can go.

Nethercott Farm, Devon

Ezra writes: ‘At Nethercott we did a range of farm jobs such as giving calves milk and collecting eggs from the chickens.

 Our dormitories were chosen by putting our names down along with the names of two of our friends. We had nutritious and delicious meals and all the food waste went to animals.

I think it was a life changing trip as I had never lived on a farm close to the animals before for a whole week.’

Ezra’s mum , Liz writes: ‘My son Ezra had a wonderful time at Nethercott Farm. He had been eagerly anticipating it for quite some time as it’s a bit of a Year 5 tradition.

The children contributed to life on this working farm so it was a real ‘hands on’ experience for them. They got involved with grooming the animals, collecting freshly laid eggs and even pressed apples to make their own juice. 

He and his friends came back well fed and brimming with enthusiasm about their experiences and what they had learnt. The trip had a massive effect on Ezra. Even though it was six months ago he mentions Nethercott most days; the delicious food, facts about the life cycle of plants or their long walks in the Devon countryside. It has certainly made him more aware of nature and why it is important to eat well and look after the environment.

UK Sail Academy, Isle of Wight


Mathilda writes: I was one of the lucky ones who got to go to UKSA twice and I absolutely loved it! We did a range of activities such as: dingy sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding and rope tying (which is actually really fun).

In my dormitory we had 4 bunk beds and a shelf, which some people used as hiding places when adults came to tell us to be quiet! The food was amazing and it was the reason I would wake up at 6 in the morning!

If I hadn’t gone to UKSA I wouldn’t have learnt that sailing is great fun and because of that, I have continued to sail on holiday and have now completed my RYA level 3.

Mathilda’s mum Jill writes: Mathilda has loved all her school journeys, but the UKSA was the icing on the cake.

Having previously sailed on family holidays, Mathilda was really excited to practise her skills with her friends. The week was jam packed with activities which were well organised and provided an opportunity for all children to participate regardless of previous experience. 

The range of activities Mathilda has experienced during her time at Goodrich including a trip to China last year has helped her grow in confidence and prepare her for secondary school.