This year, more children have auditioned than ever before. The popularity of the event is really quite astonishing. There were a great many excellent auditions that would have been good enough to get into Goodrich Rocks in previous years, but the standard - particularly in Years 5 and 6 - this time round has been exceptionally high.

We really hope that children will try again next year if they can. It would be especially good to see more children in Year 3 and 4 playing their own instruments, as this is what Goodrich Rocks was originally meant to be about. You don’t have to have lessons – several of this year’s most impressive auditions involved children playing an instrument they had picked up only recently, at school or at a friend’s house.

Wristband tickets and T-shirts will go on sale next Friday, when the winning design will be revealed for the first time. Tickets cost £3 and T-shirts £6. Lots of people have been working hard to make this year’s event the best ever in terms of sound quality, safety, comfort and entertainment. We really hope that you will be able to come.

Congratulations to this year’s successful Goodrich Rockers:

Koolest Kats
Remix Kids
Torpedo Four
Bent Headphones
The Runaways
Tripple Threat
100% Rock

Posted on June 17, 2015 .