Friends of Goodrich

How you can get involved


As a parent or carer, you are automatically a member of the Goodrich PTA and your expertise and help will always be welcomed by us.

Being involved with fundraising for the school is a great way to make friends and make a difference. Even if you do not wish to be part of the PTA Committee, there are lots of ways you can help and be involved; contributing ideas for fundraising events, volunteering your time to run stalls or clear up after events, contributing to class cake stalls, helping to design posters for events, offering any expertise you may have (e.g. fundraising, graphic design, web design, catering etc.)… there are so many ways you can help.

Please speak to your class rep, or a member of the committee if you would like to help in any way, or send an email to:

We’d love to hear from you!

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Congratulations to everyone who was elected as a Trustee or team member for the coming year.


2018/19 Team – FoG trustees

Karen Eastwood: Co-chair

Louise Lauchlan: Co-chair

Jos Howard: Co-treasurer

Lauren Kininmonth: Co-treasurer

Jess Marron: Secretary

Ali Birtwell

Alison Hawkes

Emma Southon

Lucy Ashdown

Sam Stephenson

Tina Gettrup


2018/19 Team – FoG roles

Adults’ events: Nik Hood, Tina Gettrup, Susie Jackson and Niamh Wallis

Bar coordinator: Catherine Holmes

Cake and second hand uniform sales: Sam Stephenson

Children’s events: Emma Tott and Emma Southon

Christmas cards: Rachel Jones

Food coordinators: Mike Cowler, Jon Dale and Laura Higgit

Fun Run: Sarah Rahim

Goodrich Rocks: Eilidh MacLeod

Newsletter and class rep co-ordinator: Sarah Briscoe

Raffles: Alison Hawkes

Santa’s Grotto: Phil Dawkins

Second hand book sales: Sandra Bennett

Sponsorship: Lucy Ashdown and Camille Evans

Treasure hunts: Tara Davies

Website and social media: Ali Birtwell

World Book Day: Marcela Ferreira

Vacant roles: Winter Fair; Summer Fair; Reception Welcome Picnic


2018/19 Team – class reps

Nursery: Zoe Good and Barbora Hapova

Reception: Fiona Fernandez (20), Natalie Jones (21) and Naomi Knill (22)

Year 1: Nik Hood (23), Matthew Chiles (24) and Emma Southon (25)

Year 2: Sophie Dignan (3), Jo Newberry (4) and Sabrina Wolfe (5)

Year 3: Vivienne Johnson (6), Ivana Mitic (7) and Amanda Osborne (9)

Year 4: Dan Jones (13), Tara Davies, Sarah Blackham and Yinka Ewuloa (14) and Marie Annick-Moreau (15)

Year 5: James Lumley (16), Dani Mosley (18) and Tracy Lloyd-Watts (19)

Year 6: Jeanett Pett (17), Amanda Bowers (26) and Leanne Watts (27)