Welcome to Goodrich from the Chair of Governors

Ryan Sales, Chair of Governors.

Ryan Sales, Chair of Governors.

Community School Governors have oversight of the conduct of the school and, in partnership with the Headteacher and Southwark Council, the responsibility for providing the National Curriculum. 

Governors also provide essential links between the school and the local community and between the school and the Council. The Council relies on governing bodies to bring to its attention matters of concern and to make suggestions which will help the Headteacher and the staff in the delivery of an education service which provides for equality and quality.

Any of the Governors can be contacted via the School Office. Either leave a note that will be passed on to the appropriate Governor or leave your name and phone number and the Governor will ring you.

I can be contacted directly at chairofgovernors@goodrich.southwark.sch.uk

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