Children may either go home to lunch or stay in school. If they go home to lunch, parents are responsible for the child’s welfare for the whole of the lunch break.

There is no charge for a school meal at present as the cost is being funded by Southwark Council. Children who would be entitled to receive free school meals as part of their parents' Social Security benefit are also entitled to other financial support however, such as free school uniform and reduced prices for school journeys. If you think you may qualify please contact the school administrative officer who will help you with your application in strictest confidence. It is very important to do this as it affects the Pupil Premium payment made to the school to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils.

The school has a healthy eating policy. Parents providing a packed lunch for their children are asked to bear in mind the need to provide a balanced, healthy meal. 

  • There is considerable evidence that food additives can cause marked changes in children’s behaviour and ability to learn.

  • Please check that sweets and sweetened drinks are not included in the packed lunch.

  • Parents might like to encourage their children to take the school lunch option which guarantees a healthy meal.

Supervision of the lunch break is undertaken by a team of Meals Assistants led by a Senior Supervisor.

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