At Goodrich we teach Mathematics every day and achieve very high standards. Progress in the school is outstanding.

We have written a new, innovative curriculum with Nigel Bufton, the ex-HMI in charge of mathematics in England. The key six concepts for each year group have been identified which form the irreducible core of mathematical knowledge that will enable pupils to make accelerated and sustained progress.

Each year builds on the previous year’s concepts and this curriculum, along with better teaching, has led to us being in the top 250 schools in the country (out of 25,000) for progress in mathematics in 2013/4 and 2015/16. The more able children have also attained very high standards with 14% at level 6.

As well as developing speaking and listening in mathematics, our new curriculum has a good balance of calculating, solving problems, reasoning about numbers and applying knowledge.

We aim to provide children with a mathematical education that is taught in an enjoyable and practical way. We use ‘real life’ experiences so that children are encouraged and challenged to understand the importance of applying maths skills to solve problems.

Children at Goodrich are given lots of opportunities to discuss their methods and encouraged to use the appropriate mathematical language. Mental mathematics is an integral part of every lesson. Practice, speed of recall, rehearsal and reasoning are essential if children are to become confident and skilful with numbers.

The teaching of mathematics in our school is outstanding because we have drawn on nationally acknowledged experts who have come into school to work alongside teachers, to model lessons and to develop teaching and learning. Many other schools now use teaching resources which we have developed here.

Numeracy websites

Mathzone has a wealth of games and activities organised by curriculum area, i.e. shape and space.

The BBC numeracy site has lots of games and an excellent revision unit for KS2 Bitesize Maths.

Percy Parker is a web-based  package to which the school subscribes that supports the learning of times tables. you may download the package via our licensed link by clicking here.


Mathematics Curriculum Overview

Our new curriculum is too lengthy and detailed to conveniently reproduce here, but we have distilled its essential content into a very simple document in order that parents and children can see the key objectives for each year group.

If you are interested to find out more about the school's Mathematics curriculum, contact Sarah Whiskey, Mathematics Postholder, via the school office (details below).