Nursery Education at Goodrich


Goodrich Primary School provides high quality education for children aged 3 years.

There is a nursery which is made up of two rooms, Ladybird Room and Bumblebee Room in our Early Years at Goodrich. Many children attend our nursery for the entire school day, while others attend for three hours a day (either a morning or afternoon session). Each class is able to take a maximum of 25 children. (We currently have 26 in one room, 24 in the other) The morning sessions are 8.50am – 11.50am and the afternoon sessions are 12.40 – 3.40pm.

The Government provides two options for parents of children who are 3 year olds + depending on your eligibility for their Early Years Education.

15 hours free childcare

All children in England are eligible to have 15 hours of free childcare from the school term after their 3rd birthday. At Goodrich we offer 15 hours either as five 3 hour morning or five 3 hour afternoon sessions; unfortunately we are unable to offer a mixture of morning and afternoon sessions. You do not need to apply directly to the Government for this childcare option; we are able to offer this directly.

30 hours free childcare

At Goodrich we also offer places for the 30 hours free childcare for eligible families which will cover the morning and afternoon Nursery sessions. You can usually get 30 hours free childcare if you and/or your partner are:

  • In work

  • Earning at least the National Minimum Wage or Living Wage for 16 hours a week

You would need to register and apply for a childcare code which provides access to the 30 hours free childcare. To register please go to where you can check eligibility and apply.

If you decide to take the 30 hours free childcare option, you would need to pay an additional fee for lunchtime supervision as this is not covered in the 30 hours funding.

Breakfast Club

We offer a breakfast club facility for children in Nursery. This will be at our current Breakfast Club with children in Primary school. This is charged at £3.50 per day and is available from 7:45am with a choice of hot or cold breakfast. Please note that sessions will need to be booked in advance and we require notice for changes to sessions in order to maintain the appropriate staff ratios.