This year we have won several cups for a range of sports, represented Southwark in athletics at the London Games and won our football league. Core skills for every child every lesson at school remains our key focus.

There is a wide range of physical activities at Goodrich, including swimming, team games, dance and gymnastics. We work with Bacon’s Academy so that we can enter inter-school sports and receive professional support for teachers. 

The government gives ring-fenced funding which can only be used for PE. We have appointed a full time PE teacher Lennie Dennis, who teaches all classes. He has concentrated on basic skills and hand/eye co-ordination along with improving overall fitness. We have recently been awarded the Sainsbury's Gold Award for school sports development.


Sports Day is one of the favourite days of the year for many children and families. There is also an annual Fun Run where parents and children run a set course around Peckham Rye and the standard is very high.

Year 6 have the opportunity to go to a week’s residential on the Isle of Wight where they sail and take part in a variety of outdoor sports.

We have also worked with our catering company to improve school lunches and we offer free fruit to every child. In addition there are lot of pre and after school sports clubs, which teach more advanced games skills.

If you are interested to find out more about the school's PE curriculum, contact Lennie Dennis, PE Postholder, via the school office (details below).

Our PE premium statement now includes a list of Goodrich's greatest sporting achievements over the last two years - have a look!

Primary School Sport Premium


PE Kit  (What day does my child have PE?)

Please ensure that your child has the following clothing for PE lessons:

Indoor Sessions – white or navy blue T-shirt, white or navy blue shorts, plimsolls.

Outdoor Sessions – plain navy blue tracksuit (T-shirt and shorts as above for warm weather), outdoor trainers.

It is very important that your child has his or her name marked clearly in their clothing.