Art & Design

Art and Design have a high profile at Goodrich, they are used as tools for learning across the curriculum, with outstanding outcomes.

Art enables children to explore and understand the world around them.  Through art they are able to express their own feelings and develop imaginative ideas. An understanding and knowledge of art from the past and other cultures is fostered through visits to galleries and museums.

The scheme of work, linked to other subjects facilitates progression in the art processes of drawing, painting, print-making, textiles and sculpture. We consider drawing to be a key skill that needs to be taught. All units of work start by drawing from first-hand experience, this develops observational and perceptual skills. Through these experiences children develop an understanding of the elements of art and develop an art vocabulary to review and evaluate their work. Integrated into each of the art units, is the study of work by artists from different periods of time and cultures 

Sketchbooks are used to collect information and when working on location. Professional materials enable children to develop skills in the drawing, painting, print making, sculpture and textiles. The double primary system enables children from the nursery to Year 6 to develop colour mixing skills. A kiln contributes to sculpture work throughout the phase groups in the school.

Stimulating displays around the school put up by the display team, share and celebrate the children’s visual learning. 

The quality of teaching and learning in Art is outstanding, planning and INSET is provided by Rosemary Bignell , an art and design consultant, who teaches alongside teachers to ensure the highest standards are attained. 

Children who are especially talented benefit from additional gifted and talented groups which have produced work at GCSE standard.

If you are interested to find out more about the school's Art and Design curriculum, contact Fiona Hollingsworth, Art and Design Postholder, via the school office (details below).